How do you like to shop?

I'm just curious, how do you like to shop? My wife doesn't like shopping online, she says that she has to see and feel something before she can decide to buy it. I, on the other hand, would never set foot in a brick and mortar store if I didn't have to. And when I do it's because I know what I'm looking for, usually I know where it is in the store and I have the money to buy it. I am in and out as quick as humanly possible! Don't get me wrong, I do shop for what I want and I  do research for the best products and the best deals but I do it from the relaxation of home and I can walk away whenever I want. If at all possible I will buy the product the same way, sitting in front of my computer with a cup of coffee.  

Now to get back to the subject. Do you like to shop online or not? If you do shop online, how do you decide who to buy from? Is it strictly a matter of price or is it about reputation and referrals? You can't touch the object that you are considering, so how do you decide. A good picture is very important but I think it's much more important that you trust the person you are buying from. I know that before I buy anything online I always read the reviews and the more reviews the better. Referrals are something that as a seller you just have no way to gauge, but I would hope that people who have bought from me are telling their friends how happy they are with their purchase. Anyway, I really would like to hear your opinions about this.


Richard Avram

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