What does the Christmas season mean to you?

Here it is just two weeks until Christmas again, how did that happen? The older I get the more it seems that time speeds up and it seems like it was only last week that I took the Christmas decorations down. I have to admit that I am in my late 60s but I feel like a kid again when Christmas comes around. I love putting up all the decorations even though now it's mainly just my wife and I that see them, but there is love in this house and we enjoy just sitting on the couch together watching a movie among all the decorations. Our kids are spread out far and wide and while we will see a lot of them during the holidays, it just isn't possible to see all of them. 

But, to get back to the theme of this post, what does Christmas mean to you? The easiest way to approach that is to tell you what Christmas means to me and hopefully you will reflect on what it means to you. Most of us have so much to be thankful for but sometimes it's like we have blinders on and we don't see it. I am thankful that I had two exceptional parents that loved me with all their hearts and I never had to doubt it. They have been gone almost six years now, I miss them everyday and I appreciate their sacrifices more than ever. They faithfully lived their lives knowing that one day they would meet their Savior and I am thankful for that. It has given me a legacy that keeps nudging me in the right direction and I need all the help I can get. I am thankful for my children that I love dearly. They are grown now with lives and familys of their own and, truth be known, I am thankful for that! Raising kids is hard work no matter how rewarding! I am thankful for my step-children who have accepted me into their lives and it has opened up a whole new area of love that was totally unexpected. So, to my kids and step-kids I would say thank you, you have blessed and are blessing my life beyond words. Now grandkids, what can be said about grandkids? We have a blended family so I have more grandkids than I could ever have expected just a few years ago! Grandkids are always a blessing. Young children in general are just so innocent and trusting and as grandparents we get to spoil them rotten and then send them home, now that is a blessing!! I am thankful for an extended family that through the miracle of adoption has given me four great-grandchildren and a whole new family to wrap my arms around with love. 

So, reflect on Christmas and what it means to you. Is Christmas just for kids? Sure, kids love the excitement of presents under the tree, but I firmly believe that what they enjoy more than anything is the love they feel from us. My advice would be, make sure that when you put presents under the tree it is an expression of your love and not just a duty at Christmas time. As you read this, I don't know what your faith is and I'm not here to tell people what they should believe. But if you are inclined at all to be of the Christian faith, make sure your kids know the true meaning of the reason for Christmas. It will serve them well in the years to come.

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