Evaluating life

I recently had one of those moments in life that are life changing and cause you to take another look at everything. Without going into details, I spent almost a week in intensive care flat on my  back. Laying there with nothing but time to think, you start taking another look at life and what is important. The conclusions that you come to can be quite surprising and not what you think. First, let's establish that I believe in God and salvation so that is my point of  view. I found myself telling God that I would love to be around many more years to enjoy life with my wife and family but more important than that I wanted to be ready to meet God face to face. I am still here so apparently God wasn't ready for me yet. I'm not taking anything away from the doctors because what they can do is just amazing but I do believe it was a miracle that I made it to them. By all accounts I shouldn't have. But I am still here and here are the conclusions that I came to as have many others in these circumstances.

1.  Life is fleeting and fragile and none of us are guaranteed tomorrow. What we have while we are here is not important but what we leave here is. Leave people with memories that cause them to smile. Those memories will become more and more important after you are gone.

2.  Do the best that you can do while you are here so that when the time comes you can approach it with a clear conscience. Nobody goes through life without making mistakes and I have made some HUGE ones. You cannot change the past or I would have done it a long time ago but take responsibility for your actions and never be afraid to say you are sorry.

3.  Do what you believe to be right but never do it out of spite or anger. There will always be people who don't agree with you but you have to live with your own heart.

4.  And lastly, find a passion in life. Something that you enjoy doing just for the sake of doing it. I'm an artist and I love to create. If nobody ever bought another piece I would just keep creating them and putting them on a shelf. The joy is not in the sale but in  the process. To me it's like a reflection of life where I put my whole heart into it and don't quit until I'm happy with it. Sometimes I have to say, I'm sorry, and start over because I'm not pleased with it. I have quit worrying about how long it takes me. It will be done when it's done and it won't be done until I am happy with it. The process can be beautiful or frustrating or  both at the same time but it always gives me a sense of freedom and a joy for life. 

Life is fleeting, find the joy!

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