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  • A little about me

    A blog is something new for me but I'm going to give it a try. Let's start by telling you a little about me. I retired about ten years ago and I started turning because it was something I always enjoyed and now I have the time. What started as a pastime has turned into more of a passion and a quest to constantly improve and stretch myself. I've made some great friends along the way and I love being a part of the artistic community. I am a member of the AAW (American Association of Woodturners), the Northwest Michigan Woodturners and I'm a member of my local Creative Arts Association where I serve on the board. I am strictly a one man operation! Everything that you see here was made by me, signed by me, designed by me and if you buy something it will be shipped by me! If you follow me you'll find that I don't produce a lot of pieces because I am after all retired and enjoying life, but what I do produce I put my heart into and it won't leave here unless it's quality. I always stand behind anything that I sell and if you're not happy with it for any reason just return it for a full refund.